Fine Hand Crafted Baked Goods

Are you hungry for treats?

White Chocolate Scones

Excellent with a cup of coffee or tea.

Only $21 per dozen and you may mix and match. 

Choose your favorite flavor:

  • Pistachios and lime 
  • Pecans and lime
  • Peanut 
  • Sun dried cherries

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French Chocolate Cupcakes

The most delicious chocolate cupcake you will ever have comes in three different flavors for you to choose from:

  • Double Chocolate
  • Peanut and Dark  chocolate
  • Caramel Sea Salt

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Coconut Coffee Cake

Moist with a rich coconut flavor and a layer of grated coconut. You can also order it with coconut rum sauce.

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Cheese Puffs

These light cheese puffs are ideal for parties as you can jazz them up with your favorite jam, cheese, or spread. 

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Breakfast Muffins

Moist and healthy these muffins are ideal for breakfast. Choose from blueberries, raspberry, or banana. 

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Breads and Rolls

Our homemade and delicious potato rolls are ideal for sandwiches. 

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