Do you know what you are eating?

Keeping it Simple

Have you ever been to the bakery section of any grocery store and read an ingredient list for one of their items?  Not only you will find more then fifty ingredients but unless you are a chemist you won't know what's in that list. 

High quality

We purchase our ingredients from local stores and farmers markets. 

Fine Baking

" returning from France and being able to try out so many of the little bakeries and patisseries, I’ve come to the conclusion that your place is just as good if not better than the places in Paris!! from the quiche to the bombshells and pastries, the quality and taste in the food you make is amazing!!!" - L. Cournoyer

How about sugar, eggs, nuts, and corn?

All treats are baked without wheat flour. However, all breads are wheat breads and I use sugar cane, free range eggs, nuts, and corn. Please do not ask to modify the recipe to sugar free. I am really not good at it. 

Homemade brewed Vanilla extract

One of our secret  is our home brewed vanilla extract using fresh vanilla beans imported from Madagascar. Once prepared it is kept for at least six  months to brew and release its magical flavor. 

Are your products gluten free?

Most of the treats I bake are indeed gluten free but please do not call these treats gluten free as the term gluten free can be devastating to someone looking for fine tasting treats before even purchasing them. Gluten free has a bad rep for being tasteless and cardboard like.

All rolls and breads are made  with wheat flour.